Sites for Kids

  1. American Libraries Association (ALA) "Great Websites for Kids" - 700+ kid friendly websites reviewed and approved by the ALA
  2. Disney's Doug - Safety Tips from Doug's Adventures Online
  3. KidsCom - The Idea Seekers want you to Play Smart, Stay Safe and Have Fun while you're on the Internet. (Internet safety games included)
  4. Kid Safety on the Internet - presented in a "slide-show" fashion, containing questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies (Parents may wish to help guide younger kids through the pages and discuss how these ideas apply to them around the home and at school.)
  5. NetBullies - Just 4 Kids and to avoid being bullied online and how to avoid becoming a netbully and what to do if you're bullied!
  6. Surf Swell Island - Adventures in Internet Safety from Disney

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