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A great white shark

Life Science is the study of the biological world around us.  Throughout our journey this year we will explore life under water, on land and in the air and encounter many single- and multi-celled organisms ranging from amoebas to trees to humans.  We will gain a general understanding of the living organisms found on our planet and the worlds they live in.  Our journey will also prepare us for the 8th Grade Intermediate Science Test.  It is going to be a fun and exciting year!  So, let’s go!

If you missed something in class or really liked something we did, this is where you need to be to see it again!!  Enjoy!!!!!

Also, below you will find links (titled "related links") that will take you directly to some really cool websites that we will use in class.  You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to explore these on your own whenever you have some free time.  Thanks for stopping by.

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    Take a trip into the deep sea off Monterey Bay and explore its three distinctive habitats—sheer, vertical canyon walls, the endless midwater and the sediment-buried seafloor.
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    » The Animal Kingdom
    A really great website for cool activities and great information
    » The Science Spot - Kids Zone
    Online activities for genetics and DNA
    » The GEEE! in Genome Online Games
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    » Genetics Web Lab Directory
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