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7th Grade Life Science » Cell Structure and Function

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Cool, huh?

Cells, cells and more cells! 

This page is dedicated to those students in my 7th grade science class who need some extra help with the cells unit.  Who would have thought that there would be so many structures to know and so many functions to understand about something so small and seemingly miniscule.  In this page I have provided links to great review websites, a link to the actual PowerPoint presentation on cells and copies of activities and notes sheets.  Good luck on your journey through the cell and I have enjoyed being your guide.

 Where is my nucleus?  Have you seen it? Click here for answer.

 Am I a plant or an animal cell?  Click here to find out why.


What an animal (cell)!

Related Files
    ppt Cell Structures Notes PPT (ppt file - 90 KB)
    just in case you missed the notes in they are.

    doc Cell Structure Flash Cards (doc file - 26 KB)
    Use this sheet to make some flashcards to review cell structures and functions

    doc Cells quiz review sheet (doc file - 32 KB)
    Click here for a copy of the Cell Structures review sheet

    ppt Cell Organization Chart (ppt file - 86 KB)
    Are you organized? Click here to find out.

    ppt Can You Divide - Cell Reproduction Notes (ppt file - 0.98 MB)
    Here is a copy of the notes just in case you need them.

    ppt ppt file: You need Microsoft Powerpoint to view this file. Download a free Powerpoint viewer for PC or Macintosh.
    doc doc file: You need the Microsoft Word application to view this file, or a program that can import Word files. To learn more about this software before purchasing it, visit the Microsoft Word website.

Related Links
    » Biology4Kids - Cell Structures
    Great definitions for cell structures
    » Home of CELLS alive
    Visit this great website to find out more about cells. There are also great interactive cell labeling activities available. Check it out!
    » Cell Inspector
    Here is another great resource for practing labeling strutures and functions, as well as determining plant or animal status. This website was created and is maintained by Harcourt School Publishers.
    » Find Websites Related to Cells
    This website is a great starting point to find out some really cool stuff about cells and cell research. This website is maintained by (a great orgainization)

Gregory Belanger