• The Haverling Hall of Distinction was created as a source of pride for students and/or the community by focusing on the graduates of distinction of the Bath Central School District. Graduates of distinction are those who have achieved a high level of prominence in their personal and professional lives and who represent positive role models to youth.  Honorees will have a plaque placed on the wall outside the Haverling Auditorium. The plaque will consist of a photograph of the honoree and a summary of their accomplishments. 

    The submission of nominees for consideration will be made in one of five categories listed below...   

    1.  Medicine and Science - graduates who are surgeons, specialists, and/or general practitioners of high regard or distinction; scientists whose findings have benefited humanity in an important area of existence or who have added substantially to the body of human knowledge; recipients of distinguished awards in any field of scientific endeavor; etc.

    2.  Business and Professional - graduates who are respected economists, influential

    stock market analysts, CEOs of noted corporations or businesses, particularly successful business persons, legal professionals, etc.

    3.  Arts and Entertainment - graduates who are well-known or frequently published

    writers, winners of prestigious literary, acting or artistic awards; influential critics; recognized musicians or composers; media celebrities; etc.

    4.  Humanitarian and Service - graduates who have rendered consistent and significant service to the local, state, national or world communities. This could also include distinguished military service.

    5.  Lifetime Recognition - This category is reserved for an individual who may not

    have attained award status in his or her chosen field but whose life demonstrates high moral character and dignity, or who has demonstrated courage in overcoming extraordinary obstacles in life.

    Nominees in these categories must have demonstrated high levels of achievement, received awards and/or recognition and made significant contributions in their fields.  Nominees must have represented Haverling High School with dignity after leaving the school. Nominees must have upheld the integrity of Haverling High School, both while at Haverling and beyond. Nominees must have brought special recognition to themselves and/or Haverling due to successful endeavors.

    Once a candidate is nominated in a category, he or she will be evaluated using the following criteria:

    1. Exemplary achievements and recognition in their chosen field.

    2. Outstanding citizenship.

    3. Exhibit qualities of leadership.

    4. Must have made a meritorious contribution to society.

    5. The candidate must demonstrate the qualities listed above in a manner that will inspire the students of Haverling High School in the pursuit of excellence.



    Nominees must have:

    • Graduated from Haverling High School more than 10 years ago.
    • Accomplished something of importance/magnitude/merit in one or more of the previously mentioned categories.
    • Approved by the Hall of Fame committee after careful consideration.
    • Approved by the Board of Education


    To nominate an individual for this prestigious award, please complete the Haverling Haverling Hall of Fame nomination form linked below. 

    The nomination form will include the following information:

    • Name of the nominee

    • How to contact Nominee (if applicable) 

    • Years attended at Haverling High School 

    • Year graduated

    • Accomplishments while at Haverling High School 

    • Academic Activities

    • Awards

    • Accomplishments since graduation

    • Statement of why this person should be considered for this honor

    • Name of person nominating

    Haverling Hall of Distinction Nomination Form