• You can access your students bus information at any time through RamPortal! You can view their bus information on the tab titled "User Defined", on the bottom row of your students information page.

    The Transportation information in the "User Defined" tab is based on the most current information we have at the bus garage.  If the information in the box is incorrect as their primary location (the "Contact" location), please notify the bus garage with the correct information ASAP.  

    Also important is to note that these are approximate times and students need to be out waiting for the bus at least 5 min before the approximate time listed.   These times are fluid and may change as information regarding other students riding the bus changes.  There is more information regarding this below.

    We're excited to be able to improve communications with you and make your students bus information available to you directly!  Please sign in to RamPortal if you haven't already.  Ram Portal

    About Haverling Transportation 

    Student safety and welfare is our primary consideration in the implementation of transportation policies and procedures.  Last year we transported students over 374,000 miles.  When establishing the 65 runs to 12 different schools each day, we consider safety, economics of operation, compliance with school policies and bell time schedules.

     Bussing is available for: all UPK students living within the district; K-3rd grade living more than 0.3 mile; 4-5th grade  more than 0.5 mile; and 6-12th grade more than 1.0 mile from school.  Group stops are established within the village.





















    As always, we look forward to working with you this year!


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