Title IX - Sexual Harassment of Students - Reporting

  • NEW Title IX REGULATIONS - August 2020

        District Title IX Officers - 
                      Randy Brzezinski                 Theresa McKenna                   
                          607-622-1105 office               607-776-3301 office
                       607-368-1418 cell                  607-794-3469 cell
                       rbrzezinski@bathcsd.org       tmckenna@bathcsd.org

    To view the NEW TITLE IX click on Student Sexual Harassment Policy 

    Note: Staff and Student handbooks were published prior to this new policy being adopted.  For the 2021-22 school year, this policy will be included in all handbooks.

    The following individuals have received training on the new Title IX regulations, including the responsibilities of the Investigator and Decision Maker.

           Joe Rumsey - Superintendent of Schools
           Theresa McKenna - Business Administrator
           Randy Brzezinski - Director of Educational Services
           Michael Siebert - Haverling High School Principal
           Stephanie Gerych - Haverling High School Dean of Students
           Jennifer D'Abbrachi - Dana Lyon Middle School Principal
           Brett Harrison - Dana Lyon Middle School Assistant Principal

    Training materials and the videos and reviewed/discussed are listed below.